Advertising - Banner Ads

We offer high visibility banner ads on the ESCORTS-CANADA.COM web site. Our banner display advertising is effective, very inexpensive, and we have several options available:

Premium large banner display on our front page ($350 per month)
Banner display - Specified page ($100 per month)
Banner display - Run-of-site ($100 per month)
Banner exchange program (free to qulifing sites only)
Link exchange program (free)

All prices on this page are quoted in Canadian dollars, and are subject to HST. The various options are described in detail below.


Banner Ads - General Information

Banner ads are given a high profile here, as they are shown at the top of the pages. So we can show your banner to the maximum number of visitors, banner ads are changed every 20 seconds. When a page is opened, four banners are selected to rotate on that page. You can purchase banners that can show up on any page, or you can reserve one of the four spots on the page of your choice.

We keep track of how many times each banner is shown, and how many times that the banner is clicked, and we give you access to the statistics.

Banner ad graphics must be close to standard size (468x60 pixels), and should not contain pornographic images or annoying animation. We do not accept banner ads that link to sites that open more than one window.


Premium Large Banner on our Front Page

The "Welcome Page" is viewed by almost every visitor to our site. There are THREE slots available, so if all slots are taken, your ad will be seen by half of our visitors. The 'Welcome Page" banner does not refresh after 20 seconds.

If you are interested in getting on the waiting list for our premium display banner ad spot, please contact us. There is usually a long awaiting list for this.


Banner display - Specified Page

If you want your banner to appear on only the city page where you do business, or on another specific page on our site, we can guarantee that your banner will always be included in the four banners that are displayed to viewers of that page.

If you are interested in placing a specified page banner ad, please contact us.


Banner display - Run-of-Site

If you want your banner to appear everywhere on our site, a run-of-site banner is right for you. Although there may be some pages where your ad may not appear (because the spots are reserved by specified page banner ads), a run-of-site banner ad will be seen by most of the visitors to

If you are interested in placing a run-of-site banner ad, please contact us.


Banner Exchange Program

If you have a suitable web site and are willing to put our banner in a prominent position on your site, we will display your banner on our site at the top of our "City Pages" using the same rotation as the other banners. You can select specific cities or provinces to display your banner, or we can show it in all cities and provinces.

If possible, we will display your banner on a 1:1 basis, so that we will show your banner once for every time you show ours. We have statistics programs to report the views on your site and ours, and will make this information available to our banner exchange partners. Note that you can combine this option with the pay-per-view program to purchase additional credits over those generated by displaying our banner on your site.

We will evaluate each banner exchange request individually, and may refuse to display any banner if we don't think that it is in our best interest to display a banner here. If you think that you have a suitable site, and wish us to evaluate your banner for our banner exchange program, please contact us.


Link Exchange

If you have a suitable web site and are willing to put our link or banner on your site, but not in a prominent position, you can add your site to our Hot Sites page. If your banner is sending us over 100 UNIQUE visitors a day we will exchange banners with you for a premium location as long as your site is approved by us. We do not exchange banners with the following.

1) Similar sites like ours
2) Porn sites
3) Illegal site
4) Sites promoting drug use or sales
5) Warez sites
6) Religions or cult style sites
7) Any other site we feel is inappropriate here!

We do not allow vulgar images or distasteful images in banners either. Please keep this in mind when posting or sending us banners.