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Is this legal?

Our business is advertising. We do not represent the advertisers in any way. What you discuss or do with the advertisers is completely your private concern. We are not responsible for your experience with the advertisers listed on our site. We do not permit ads for prostitution or any illegal activity here. You should however be cautious whenever meeting anyone online offering any sort of service or product.


How many ads are listed here?

We receive new listings every day. Currently, there are 18 web page ads active on ESCORTS-CANADA.COM.


Are these ads for real?

We will not knowingly allow an ad for anyone who bait and switches customers (Meaning putting up a fake photo and sending a different person out on call). Even if the ad has the VERIFIED PHOTO icon under the image it does not stop a bad people from deceiving us and you by sending out a "Replacement" when the person in the ad is not currently available. We NEVER meet the advertisers in person either. Verificaion comes from feedback from you to us.


How do I contact ESCORTS-CANADA.COM?

Our contact information is listed on a separate page. You can also send us a message directly from the contact page. We strive to provide outstanding customer service.


Is this a Canadian Company?

Yes, Escorts-Canada is owned and operated by Canadian company however our webservers are located in another country.

Company History: Escorts-Canada was Developed in 1997 in Vancouver BC Canada and launched in 1998. In January of 2000 the site was sold by the BC company that developed it and relocated to Ontario where it has been operating from successfully ever since.


What kind of service can I advertise?

We accept ads from individuals and agencies that provide escort, massage, and other NON PROSTITUTION REALTED services. Ads are grouped by the sex of the advertisers; female, male, or other (couples, transsexual, etc).


Why should I advertise here?

Our site is one of the first places that an on-line customer looks when looking for an escort in Canada. We advertise in local papers in selected cities across Canada and are promoting the site vigorously on the Internet search engines. We're working hard to get you noticed, and it's working. On average, a new customer starts browsing ads on this site this site every minute, 24 hours a day.

Your ad on ESCORTS-CANADA.COM can contain your picture and detailed information about your services, allowing you to market your services much more effectively than other advertising methods.

It is very cost effective to advertise here. In fact, you can advertise here for free! For about a dollar a day, you can have a full web page on our busy site. Your ad will be seen by thousands of customers in your area that are using our site to find the services they seek.


How much does it cost to advertise here?

It's really effective and inexpensive to advertise here. In fact, our lowest priced (weekly text classified) ad is absolutely free!! For your own web page ad listing, our advertising rate is CDN $59.99 (GST already included) per month. There are no set-up fees, no contracts, and no extra charges for photos, web page links, or changes to your page. We will even scan your photo for you, for free.

Read more here

In some cities you can try us out for free without any commitment as long as your ad qualifies for a free trial.

Alternative pricing plans and discounts are available to agencies wishing to display ad pages for their staff.


How much does banner advertising cost?

Please refer to our banner advertising information page for more information about banner advertising programs and their costs.


How do I pay for my ad?

You can call in a credit card number to our office at 1-866-729-3026 (Toll Free) or send payment using your bank account and email money transfer (Interac).

More information about how to pay for your ad is available in your management area in the billing section.


Can I have my picture appear on my ad?

Yes. Up to 26 photos on a provider ad and you can have a company logo on a company ad at no additional charge. The photograph CAN NOT contain nudity or pornography or be sexually explicit, (No Genitals Showing please). We reserve the right to refuse to post any picture on the ESCORTS-CANADA.COM web site that does not meet our guidelines.

You can have us create additional picture pages, banners, your own, and more. Please call us for more information and pricing.

There are several ways for you to send us your picture.


Can my ad include a link to my existing web site?

Yes. You can include a link to your existing web page we do not review your links however if it is reported to be a false link or advertising illegal content we would review and possibly remove the link and/or your ad. We ask that you place a link back to escorts-canada from your site.


Can my other advertising include a link to my web page here?

You bet. Click the "Link To This Ad" button at the bottom of your ad.


How much text am I allowed to put on my ad?

You can include as much text to describe your service as you like. We reserve the right to edit or refuse to post any ad text on the ESCORTS-CANADA.COM web site that does not meet our guidelines.


Can I change my ad after it goes on-line?

You can change the details on your ad yourself using our on-line form. After you change your ad, you can review what your page will look like, but the changes will not appear on ESCORTS-CANADA.COM until after we have had an opportunity to review it. If your telephone number has changed, we will contact you to confirm that the number is valid before your edited ad goes on-line.


  • You can not edit your name on the ad without placing a "Formerly known as" tag for 30 days at the top of your ad. This is to prevent bait and switch type ads.
  • You can not switch your main city to a new province unless you are moving permanently. Visiting ads can be made for touring cities at a cost of 10.00 per city per month. If you require your main account moved to a new province the price is 30.00 each time you move it.
  • Our staff will review your changes and can choose not to approve any part of your ad.
  • Standard accounts are limited to 25 changes per month using the free online editor. For accounts that require more changes then this per month a 35.00 fee is required for each additional 25 changes or 10.00 per change if you wish to make changes by phone or support ticket.
  • Changes take up to 24 hours to be approved - emergency changes can be requested by phone or support ticket at a cost of 10.00 per request
  • If you are unable to use a computer or device to make changes we can not make the changes for you so please get a device that you can do this with.


We're an agency. Can our page include our staff's pictures and details?

There are two types of ad pages on ESCORTS-CANADA.COM. An Individual Page is used to describe an individual, and an Agency Page is used to describe the services of a company or agency.

If you have already set up an agency page, you can create individual pages for your staff and then associate them to your agency however we ask that you personally do not enter the details of your staff. Please allow them to do this themselves. We ask that no one post ads for any other person other then themselves. If someone's individual page is associated to your agency, their page link will still appear in the list of individuals providing services on the applicable City Page, and again in the staff list on your agency page. Their page will also contain a link to your agency page. This kind of "double-exposure" can help bring more people to your agency page.


When will my new ad go on-line?

Depending on when your ad is received, your page will be on-line within 24 hours (in most cases) excluding weekends and holidays. New ads are reviewed and if they do not qualify for a free trial they only go online once payment is received. If your ad has fake/stolen photos it will not go online here.


How can I tell when my ad expires?

Your expiry date is listed on the bottom of your ad page, in the center of the page after the word exp. The date is in the form 12-Jan-99. We also try to send out notices VIA email 10-7 days before your ad expires as well.


What is my ID number?

Your ID number (Also known as your account number) is listed on the bottom of your ad page, in the center of the page before the word exp.


How many people are looking at my web page ad?

The average number of times per day that your page is being viewed is reported (Log into the management area to view your log file).


What is the sorting order of the ads?

The names on the city page are sorted by expiry date, so that the ads that are paid furthest ahead appear at the top of the list. New ads that are on their free trial will be under all paid ads. This strategy helps you by giving you a way of improving your visibility on our site, and helps us keep our administrative costs down by encouraging people to keep their accounts up to date without reminders from us.


How can I move my ad up to the top of the list?

Pre-Pay the ad for more time paid in advance. The ads that are paid furthest ahead appear at the top of the list. You can ensure that your ad is at the top of the list by making sure that your ad is paid in advance for a period longer than the other advertisers in your city.


Can I advertise my friends on my ad?

No, Sorry you can not advertise anyone other then yourself if you work together you ad link the ads in our DUO section but you will both need your OWN ad page.


What can I place in the Headline box?

People do not like to read in all capital letters, it is looked upon as yelling. You can place all capitals in your descriptions if you wish, but the headline must follow strict guidelines. In the headline box you must not use all capital letters, you can not place titles such as "Number one" or "The best" and you must keep the headline under 40 characters including spaces. If you would like your ad to stand out more please inquire about our highlighter feature.


What if my City is not listed?

Our system will create a city for you when you place an ad if the city is not already online with us. You can use any city name you wish as long as it is a real city. Things like GTA (Greater Toronto Area) and Southern Ontario are not allowed, instead you can place additional city listings in all the cities you wish to advertise in for only 10.00 per month extra per listing. You must use the same photo and information for each of these ads.


I was turned down for a free ad, why?

Possible Reasons for not qualifying could be...

  • More then 3 paid ads in that city
  • City is too close to a city that has over 3 paid ads
  • You used the same email address as someone else
  • The same computer you used has made an ad with us before (Digital Tracking)
  • The phone number has been used before
  • No phone number was given or fake phone number
  • The ad advertises more then one lady and both partners are not listed independently
  • A Photo you submitted was used before
  • Your ad closely matches the description of a past advertiser and our staff feel you may be trying to cheat our system of an additional free trial.
  • Affiliated with an Agency that has used a free trial already
  • You added an additional city to your account that does not quality for the free trial
  • You made a touring (Visiting) ad but not a main city ad. Visiting ads can be added as long as you make a main city ad first.

Agencies get a free listing with 2 or more paid ladies profiles and in cities with less then 3 paid ladies ads agencies may also qualify for free trial ads.


I would like to change my picture is this free?


Info on changing photo's can be found here


Can you take two of my photos and edit them into one?

No, Only the large main VIP ads have a this ability. The system has abilities to alter,crop and censor photos if you wish but you need to do this yourself


How many photos can I use?

We can display 26 photo's in total on the regular ads. 1 main photo and now up to 25 additional photos. We recommend using at least 5 photos for best results. Info on changing photo's can be found here


I sent a picture and it's not online yet, Why?

You can not email us photos you must UPLOAD them YOURSELF to your management area. They go into your photo library then from the library you can choose how they are displayed on your ad.


I am taking some time off can I suspend my ad?

Yes, and we will credit the balance of time to your account 2 times per year for you as well. If you need to remove your ad more then 2 times per year the remaining portion of the current month will be lost (or) a 30.00 reactivation fee will apply to the account (Whatever works in your favor). This stops people from taking advantage of this service.