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Do you offer a free trial??
We do in some cities. If the city you wish to be listed in has less then 5 paid advertisers and is not within 100km of a major city we will offer you a free trial if you are eligible.

Am I eligible for a free trial ad??
If you have not had an ad with us in the past and you do not work with an agency or group of ladies who have previously had ads with us then you may qualify for a free trial in select cities. You must have a valid phone number for that city displayed on your ad for the free trial period this prevents people who are just "Visiting" or "Touring" from taking advantage of our free trial offer.

If I am eligible how long would my trial ad run for??
A: Free trial ads run for a minimum of 14 days (and can run up to 365 days in remote cities). The average free trial is 30 days in cities with no paid advertisers and 14 days in cities with under 5 paid advertisers.

New Advertiser FAQ's

Does escorts-canada require ID, Personal Information or any contracts
A: At this time the answer is no unless you are of questionable legal age. If you are between 18 and 27 (or look it in your photos) you will be asked to verify your age with photo ID. We do not have contracts or keep any personal information on file except if you make a payment by credit card then we are obligated to keep the card holders name and personal billing information on file for 12 months. At this time Canada does not have any laws forcing us to collect personal information on each advertiser. If this changes we will inform you before asking you to supply any personal information.

Why spend your advertising dollars with us??
Easy! We bring LOTS of customers to you! We have been online since 1997 and have a very successful proven track record with amazing traffic and customer support. We are very well know all over the world and attract both local Canadian visitors as well as men from all over the world who fly in for business and pleasure trips! We invest an enormous amount of time and money into the ongoing successful marketing of escorts-canada and our customers continue to renew ads with us. This alone speaks for the site, forget the testimonials if this many ladies spend their advertising dollars with us it must work ... and it does! Very well. In case you do wish to see some testimonials just scroll down cause we receive plenty of them all the time! :)

ROI (Return on my investment)
A: Print advertising is just too expensive, especially for the return on your advertising dollar and most other escort directories don't have the traffic we do! When compared to conventional print advertising such as the "phone books" and newspaper "classifieds" you just can not compare the results! Dollar for dollar the results are better with us! On average across Canada you would spend 4 times the amount per month with print advertising to get the same results you would get with an online ad with us! As for other escort directories, it's hit and miss. Some other escort directories do exist that share the market here in Canada with us but often attract a very different client for you. You either find the one that works best for you or if you entertain a wide range of clients then you may want to advertise on a number of online sites. Would would never tell you not to explore your options but watch out for fishy sounding deals. ... and keep in mind that some of the sites need your ad more then you need them as sites that have little or no traffic need your ad to bring in the visitors so you could be helping someone who will end up charging you much more in the long run. Don't listen to people telling you about how many "Hits" they get or some bogus ratings they claim to have as anyone can cheat those figures. Ask around, see who advertises where and if it's too good to be true - it probably is.

Is advertising sex for money legal in Canada??
A: Yes, it is completely legal to advertise your services in Canada. Some municipalities have bi-laws pertaining to escorting and massage services (See below) however they have no licensing for prostitution or sexual services (as this would be considered living off the avails of prostitution and the cities would not want anything to do with that) so word your ads accordingly to let people know what you are offering. This site allows ads for any legal adult entertainment of any kind so make sure you let people know what you are offering. Like any law, if this concerns you get yourself a lawyer and ask some questions.

Is prostitution legal in Canada?
Offering yourself as a full service provider or even a prostitute (Sex for money) is legal in Canada unlike most of the USA and other parts of the world. Certain things such as public solicitation (Stopping cars on the street) living off the avails (pimping) and common bawdy house (Common in-call location) are all illegal however so we would suggest you review the Canadian criminal code laws (Section 212). Like any law, if this concerns you get yourself a lawyer and ask some questions if you educate yourself and make good decisions you can operate a very lucrative and legal business here in Canada.

Municipal escort by-laws??
Some cities have bi-laws that may be applicable to you if you are marketing yourself as a massage provider, escort or escort agency (to avoid unwanted trouble or confusion you will want to choose your advertising words carefully). If you advertise yourself as a escort, paid date or massage provider in a city that has municipal bi-laws regarding escorting and massage providers you may find yourself getting a bi-law infraction fine (much like a municipal parking ticket but probably a little more expensive) so word your ads wisely or it may cost you! If you exchange sex for money then you are not a "escort" by the municipal licence definitions so market yourself accordingly. Remember if you purchase the local licence to be a licence massage or escort provider you must follow the local by-law guidelines and provisions. These fines are not criminal but some by-law officers have been know to make it seam like you are in really hot water for breaking a by-law. They will usually pressure you into buying a licence and then can tell you how you must run your business. Like any law, if this concerns you get yourself a lawyer and ask some questions.

Is it safe to take calls from clients from this web site??
You must use your own judgment for this. We do not assume any liability for the calls you take from people who find your ad online here. We suggest screening your clients carefully as we do not screen any visitors to the site. We suggest that you always tell someone where you are going when taking a call and when to expect you back. Adult entertainment can be a high risk business and we don't want to see anyone hurt! All your advertising (on and off line) can bring unwanted clients to you so always be cautious as only you can cut down on the risks by using good judgment!


Here is what some of our past clients have said about Escorts Canada...

Hi I have had such great success advertising on this site that I think I have found a great clientèle - enough that I will have to stop advertising, I am simply too busy. Please suspend my account at your earliest convenience. Thank you so much

The traffic I get from Escorts Canada is amazing and I have found DeSign Co. to be one of the more professional advertising forums out there.
Miss Cupid

I would like to say I find your company provides the BEST customer service of any. I have tried different ad places & they are not near as kind & courteous. Thank you for that!! Have a great day.

I would like to extend my appreciation as a customer of EC. I have been using your service for about 2 years now and have found that the customer service is very good, and extended beyond what I expected.

I met great people via this website. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

Thank you for your awesome website! Love it!

I have to say, your site is keeping me busy

Thank you for the great job you did with my new photo. I would like to say that am very pleased with your services, this is the best site i had ever been on, am very happy with it

Wow! The ad is already pulling responses! Thanks for all your prompt assistance -- you guys are GOOD!!

Overwhelming, I did not have time to reply to all the contacts I had.

I am very impressed with my advertising on your website. Just thought I would drop you that note!

Thanks again your site is awesome, wish I knew about it sooner. It really works!

Your site is great, and it has brought allot of new business my way,

I just started advertising with Local Escorts recently and didn't think that advertising with Escorts Canada would be much different, so honestly thought I wouldn't end up renewing and paying for both. Oh my freakin God! I've had incredible response with Escorts Canada! Thank you so much. I don't know what you're doing, but whatever it is, keep it up!

Thanks so much, the ad looks great, and it is always so worth every penny you guys ask for!!! Thanks again,

Great company!. EC rocks. Escorts canada has been a life saver for me.Very much appreciated. damn, you guys are cool.
Maggie Belair

EXCELLENT!! I'm really sorry I've never worked with the site before and when I went to look at my emails today I almost died at the amount of emails I have from your site. Unbelievable response from your site. MANY THANKS!!

The only reason I let my ad expire is because I'm taking a break right now. You have soooo much traffic on your site that I get overwhelmingly busy and can't keep up! I love you guys. I don't advertise with anyone else! Your site is awesome and so is your customer service!

Your site is working so well for me every time I was on my way out the door to the post office I got called away. I did finally get it out this afternoon. Sorry for the delay. Thanks again for putting my ad up in advance.
Samantha Austin

The feedback was excellent, I prefer escorts canada rather then posting my add in the daily newspaper!

The call volume is very high through the ad so we had to hook up another phone line. That's very good thought. You guys have a great site. We will be staying with you... i'm mailing a money order to you monday morning thx
Sexxy Dee

I am going back to oz ...... however i loved the site, very professional and upmarket.
Thank you so much
Brooke (Australian visiting advertiser)

Thanks for your help and attention.. My ad looks great! The demand is so outrageous! Thanks again
Tiffany vip

My ad has been remarkably successful. You and your staff have done a wonderful job establishing your site as the place to look for companionship.

I am very pleased with the response from my ad!

Thanks so much guys! After posting my ad I got an appointment within five minutes. I will definitely continue to advertise with you. :)

Thank you very much. Your service is excellent and the response since being with your company has been very good.

I would like to thank very much - I think your site is great

Thank you for the great ad and always perfect service!!!!!

Thanx alot..You guys are fair and have a great site.. thats hard to find in the adult industry. Thanx

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